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Yellowjackets is the PACCSA youth cross-country ski team. Yellowjackets learn to ski through skill sessions built around fun and games, based on Cross Country Canada's Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit developmental programs. All Yellowjackets learn classic xc skiing, the more experienced groups also learn to skate ski. 

Beginner and experienced youth skiers from age 5 to 16 are welcome to join Yellowjackets. If you are interested in a class for older kids, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you if possible.

Yellowjackets skill sessions are held on most Saturdays in January and February at Laurel Ridge State Park XC ski area. We also take part in races and other fun activities with our neighboring youth teams, Hilltoppers XC (Cleveland) and Wilderness Wildcats (Erie).


Aged 5-6 on Jan 1st. The bunny group play lots of games and learn to move around on skis as they play. They learn the basic skills, from falling and rising and diagonal stride to star turn and herringbone, all without poles.


Aged 7-13 on Jan 1st. Jackrabbits learn in the same way as the bunny group, but cover more ground. They learn the basic skills and then progress to using poles and more advanced classic skills such as double-pole, kick double-pole and step turns.

Track Attack

Aged 10-16 on Jan 1st.  This is primarily a skating group but classic skis will also be used.  Younger Track attack skiers (10-13) may choose to participate in both this and the Jackrabbits session.  Track attack skiers work to achieve a set of goals in ski technique, racing, training and also skiing for fun.



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