2015 Pennsylvania Nordic Championship Recap!

The 2015 Pennsylvania Nordic Championships were held at Wilderness Lodge for the second year in a row on February 8, 2015.  In the end, PACCSA held one of the most exciting races in recent memory, with Nancy Herbst and Sheldon Degenhardt being crowned the 2015 Pennsylvania Nordic Champions.  For a full recap of all the races, click on the title above.    



Even the youngest Yellowjackets are learning trail etiquette - calling out 'on your left' to pass to the left of a slower skier, 'Track!' (clear the track please, a faster skier is coming through) and, of course, 'thank you'.

Yellowjackets 2015

Yellowjackets have been enjoying the plentiful snowfall at Laurel Ridge - so far 2015 has been our snowiest season yet!

Membership draw prizes from REI

REI, a long time partner of PACCSA, has graciously provided us with FOUR fantastic bags to be used as fundraisers - two duffel bags, and two ski bags (one in each color).  These will be awarded to the lucky winners on February 28, 2015.  Everyone who joins or renews their membership by 2/28/15 will be eligible to win.  The winners will be randomly selected, please encourage your friends to join and support our club.  Thank you to REI for this generous gift.

The lucky winner of the Top Gear swag bag is Louis D.


PA Nordic Championship 2015

Results are on Miles of Smiles website.   Thank you to Wilderness Lodge for hosting the race, many volunteers for helping, Miles of Smiles for timing, Whole Foods Market for the fruit, and all the racers and families who came out to enjoy the day.

Pittsburgh Meetup Group

Check out this new Pittsburgh cross country skiers meetup group (sponsored by PACCSA). 

"Let's get organized so when we're skiing at the same place at the same time, we can ski TOGETHER!"