Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Skiing corny corn on a bright sunny Monday. Thanks for all the skiers that make the drive, take the effort, feel it's important to get outside and ski the wrong way without lifts. Chippie Care Free Season opens today and lasts the next month. Robbie shot me last eve with Coopie loyal tea cup husky atop Baldy. Enjoy the rest of winter, yes! chip
Chip Chase9:19 am 9 March 2020All reports for White Grass

Wainer Park

Terrible melt down. I would say it’s very un skiable...unfortunately we are getting close to storing the equipment for the season. But lots of big planning in place for next year!!! But need to find some pretty serious funding sources!
Nathan Latimer6:17 pm 2 March 2020All reports for Wainer Park

Laurel Ridge

Bluebird day on The Ridge! Trails remain in good condition with cold temps over night. Current temp 18.
Erica Smith7:56 am 1 March 2020All reports for Laurel Ridge

Laurel Mountain

Thin coverage with wet areas underneath so poor skiing conditions. Trails a great for snowshoeing or hiking and recreating. Looks like the groundhog might have been right. However, winter's not over yet. Maybe we can get him to do the snow dance. Woot!
Bruce Cox5:04 pm 29 February 2020All reports for Laurel Mountain

North Woods

Temperatures dropped into the teens overnight and significantly firmed up wet base conditions and restored the snow to dry, powdery consistency with a fresh dusting in early morning hours. Present flurries should continue off and on thru the day and temperatures aren't expected to rise above the mid-20's. Should be decent conditions on most trails to get out and enjoy this bonus day of the year - the scenery is beautiful - some trails may be better for snowshoeing but if you're out hiking please remember to be considerate and save the best tracks for the skiers...
Frank Delose9:09 am 29 February 2020All reports for North Woods

Oil Creek State Park

The skiing today was fun and spring like. No-wax skis were the ticket. We enjoyed seeing some ski friends too. the conditions deteriorated a bit by the end of the day. Tomorrow may be it for awhile. Early morning may be icy but don't wait too long to get out there or you'll miss it. HUGE SHOUT OUT to the ski trail work crew. If it wasn't for your efforts over the years of putting in culverts, digging drainage ditches, cutting trees and trimming, digging out rocks and roots, etc. we would not have been able to ski with the minimal snow we've received these past few years. This weekend was made possible because of you. (you know who you are) MUCH THANKS!
Margaret Sims7:39 pm 16 February 2020All reports for Oil Creek State Park

Kooser State Park

Kooser has between 2-4 inches throughout the park and trails, mostly light fluffy powder.
Nate Hardic1:26 pm 21 January 2020All reports for Kooser State Park