North Woods

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North Woods, Glades Pike, Hidden Valley, PA 15502
GPS: 40.076225, -79.254502

13 km of trails
Warming facilities available

Reaching any of the parking lots often requires 4WD - there are two lots on Tunnel Rd and another on Shafer Run.  The warming hut is not accessible by car, it's at the bottom of a valley.  There's a flat trail leading there from the Shafer Run parking lot - see the trail map.  The outhouse by the warming hut is closed at present; the nearest restrooms are in the snowmobile parking lot opposite Fire Tower Rd (no running water), or at Kooser State Park office (with running water and heating). 


North Woods trail map

Laurel Highlands Nordic Ski Patrol patrols this area at weekends.

Winter recreation guide from Forbes State Forest
Forbes State Forest trail map
Forbes State Forest map collection

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