PA Nordic Challenge 2022 #PANordic2022

The PA Nordic Challenge will take place from Jan 1 to Feb 28, 2022.

The PA Nordic Challenge is to complete a number of ski-based activities as described below, making a training log entry for each one. 
Upon successful completion of the challenge, PACCSA members will be rewarded with a special embroidered patch.  

  • Renew your PACCSA membership
  • Contact us to register for the challenge, before February, and look for an email in reply.
  • Perform 8 or more separate training sessions of qualifying activities, each 30 minutes or more.
  • Follow the directions provided by email to make a training log entry for each qualifying workout, no more than 7 days later.
  • Provide a photo to go with each training log entry, as evidence.  You do not need to be in the photo.  
  • An online leaderboard will be generated automatically.  If you don't want your name to be shown, use a nickname. 
  • The qualifying activities are: nordic skiing, rollerskiing, CAT skiing, nordic track, ski-erg, and walking or running with poles.
  • You do not have to do all of these.  
  • Only those performed within the challenge period, Jan 1 to Feb 28, will count towards the challenge.
  • You can log as many workouts as you like, but only 2 per week will count towards the challenge.
  • Optional: post your photos on social media, with hashtag #PANordic2022
  • Upon completion of the challenge, contact us again, tell us your mailing address and celebrate! 

The aim of the challenge is to keep us all focused on keeping active and either cross-country skiing or doing something like it throughout the season, and to have fun.  The photos could be of anything associated with the day's training, provided they are suitable for public viewing.  They will be displayed on the website for motivation and inspiration.   

PA Nordic Challenge 2022

More rollerski time

Skating Wilderness

Rollerski with Ski Buddy to Wrap Up YJ Season

Rollerski time

2 minutes as fast as possible, 1 minute normal, repeat. Almost fun.

Snow patch ski Grove City.

Rec. Center Nordic

Occasionally running, with pole assistance on the hills

Huron Meadows

Last day of MI ski sampler

Tough skiing in the melting snow

Classic without poles

Skating was quite nice between removing sticks and snow melting

Wilderness Lodge

Skiing followed by a Great Lakes sunset

back to the land of no snow.

Forbush before race.

Forbush Classic trail

Tough skating at Laurel Ridge

Amazing day at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid

Orange trail before grooming is my new favorite

Snow Blast

Coach MATTHEW South

Surviving the SQUALL!!!

Enjoying the trails at Van Ho!

Cool down on Pancake

Forbush Corners

First time skiing in MI!

Easy Skate Crystal Mountain.

Rec. Center Nordic

Forbush Parking lot

Mid-day trip to the Ridge

Rec. Center Nordic

PA skiers take over Van Ho podium!

Deer Lakes Allegheny County

Another sunset on the ridge

Moon light ski

Last day of snow at Laurel Ridge (for now)

New lodge at Van Ho.

Whiteface from thenew biathlon range at Van Ho.

Laurel Ridge (Feb 15)

North Woods

Lovely day for skating at the Ridge

Dusk at Laurel Ridge

Crystal Mountain

Sunset ski

At thnear Paul Smith'se VIC

Whiteface in the background at the VIC

At the "new" Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Racing the Quad!

Hanging with the "Tailwaggers" at the Quad

Snowing on the Laurel Ridge orange loop

Much faster conditions on Sunday!

The new World Cup trails at VanHo

Best grooming at The Wilderness Lodge

Quiet at Laurel ridge

Free EV charging while I ski!

Feb. 13, 2022--Quad Ski +

Preparing for Ice Skiing

Making the Best of ICY Trails @ Wainer

Soggy Laurel Ridge

Vasa Skate

No guns attached to these backs


Slushy snow at Laurel Ridge... :(

Bunnies on the trail!

Crossing the finish line in true Olympic style!

Race warm-up

need to do a snow dance!

Rec. Center Nordic

Laurel Mill with Naomi

I hope the snow comes back soon

Crust skiing.

Still waiting for snow in SE PA.

That is scrappy snow

Icy early morning ski

Suburban Skiing at the Homestead

Night ski

Speed intervals without falling off adds interest

Rec Center Nordic

Scrappy sketchy skiddy skate in North Park

Chaplin Forest

I had the slopes to myself!!

Beautiful trees at Laurel Ridge

Crystal blue skies! Super day!

Water Skiing Lake Arthur

40th Mountain State Marathon

Laurel Mill trails, ANF

Down by the river side.

Skiing Lake Arthur at Moraine, glorious day

Feb. 6, 2022 Laurel Ridge

Waiting for snow

Snow Palace @ Laurel Ridge

My Peeps at the Ridge

Snow Palace @ Laurel Ridge

Fall while taking video.

Feb. 5 WHT

Trees covered in ice - so breathtaking to be outside today!

South Park, Pittsburgh


Up the trail at Schenley Park

Schenley trails were still a little bare

South Park Dawn Patrol

Aftermath of the pseudo-ice storm

Great conditions at Oil Creek.

Neighborhood ski --> Happy Hour

Rec. Center

Rec. Center

Deer Lakes Dawn Patrol

Groundhog Day 2022

Sunrise at Laurel Ridge

Oil Creek.

On 2/2/22 the theme is "2"!

Early morning skiing at Laurel Ridge!

Kick 'n Gliders shed at Crystal Lake

Cabin made of firewood at Crystal Lake

Greene River Trail

Greene River Trail

Beam Rocks

Hard left.

Schenley Skate…AGAIN

Laurel Mtn.--Not quite Groundhog Day

Just joined the challenge, I'll start taking real photos after this one!

Ski buddy

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Backcountry skiing at night

Skating at sunset

spouse ski day

Bridge on way to Forbush

Greene River Trail

Not everyone knows to avoid the greens and tees at the gold course.

Laurel mountain magic

Up before the Sun in Schenley

Yellowjackets at Laurel Mountain

Practicing poling at Laurel Mountain

Yellowjackets warming up

Snow is still good!

you can see my skis at the bottom

Black Mountain 12k Freestyle

Warming up for some skating and double-pole with Coach Rik!

Skiing with my crew!!!

Snowplow Perfection!!

Laurel Mountain Classic with the Yellowjackets!!

The kids are great skiers!! (For the first 5km)

Crowded lot at Laurel Ridge

Good day for skating at Laurel Ridge

Jan. 30 Laurel Mtn

Greene River Trail

The peacock of XC skiing

Great day!

Cold and crunchy snow!

Snow fern

Even the deer want to destroy my ski track

my thumb

Black Mountain 31k

Bird dances at Deer Lakes Park

That was dreamy

Trying my best to be a XC ski instructor

Oil Creek State Park

Ravine Ramble

Practicing Tele Turns after a 5k Skate

Schenley 5k Technique Work

Schenley Park, bridle trail

Laurel Ridge XC Center

The ice on the trees was so pretty!

Morning Wingfield

did not use my camera

Churchill on a very cold morning

Schenley Park, sledding hill

Skate warmup at Trapp - COLD

On the Haul Road at Trapp

Attempted to skate in 4 inches of fresh powder....

did not use my camera

So cold that our hair prematurely went white!

Cole and Coke Trail M.P.

Silky smooth tracks at Laurel Mountain

Sunrise in Wingfield Pines

Night ski Crystal Mountain

Skating in Frick Park

North Park's Meadowlands

Just another day on the farm.

Sugar Road at Trapp

WHT More Classic

Naomi and Erin

Skating with friends!

Classic Fun!

WHT One More Time

Beautiful day at Laurel Ridge!

Rough skating

Churchill valley bridges leave something to be desired

Workout doesn't actually qualify but Mt. Mansfield is beautiful!

Yurt at Stowe Nordic

Rec. Center Elliptical

WHT--Classic Again

Lots of great tracks...

Blue sky's for a Sunday morning ski

Laurel Mountain

We found the "Secret" at Wilderness!

Laurel Ridge (Jan 22)

Sunsetting on Laurel Ridge

Natural art at Laurel Ridge

First time on skate skis! Thanks Coach Jim!

1st time at Wilderness Lodge!

A Visit to Oil Creek--Classic

Blue Knob

Skiing The Point at Dawn

Beautiful shadows on the snow

Snow Mandala

Kooser Lake

Laurel Ridge!

Dark classic

WHT--No Strava Map Today

WHT--No Strava Map Today

Nordic Ironman Greene River Trail

schenley golf course loops before the rain

WHT Trail

Night skiing around our property under the full moon

Skiing at Laurel Ridge - lots of snow!!!

Little bits of snow on the trees at North Park golf course

Greene River Trail

Full moon ski!

Snow comfortable

Frick Park, Pittsburgh

First Outing on "New" Classic Skis

Schenley Park


10" of fluff!

Practice run at Winona State Forest

A little night skiing

Last roller ski for a while as winter is arriving.

Classic rollerskiing, Corrigan Dr., Pittsburgh

Northwoods hills

First ski at Northwoods!

Another indoor workout.

Making tracks at Wilderness

Indoor workout

Skating in the rain

Dodging grass spots very good for agility.

1 inch of snow, but perfectly crusty for skating

Thinking of snow the whole time

Wilderness today. First PA ski for me this season.

Sad Boot. No snow.

Desperate times

Skiers enjoying Huron Meadows Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

WHT Trail Outing--Jan. 8

Make a couple piles of snow, spread on 1.5 mile loop, ski on quality snow, Huron Meadows.

My age group Top Ten Frosty Freestyle race, Huron Meadows.

Duff Park Dusk

Uphill practice

Beside the Monongahela

Passo Lavazè

First tracks of 2022!

That tree wasn't there yesterday.

First ski of 2022! Woo-hoo!

At last!

Marcialonga Trail

Hoping for snow soon

Winter time roller Ski, Grove City.

Warm and rainy start to 2022