PACCSAwear order

We will be placing an order for suits, jackets, hats and maybe some hoodies in September. They are made by Borah Teamwear, using these great designs from our talented designer, Colin Burch.  

The suit design is here. In the photos, Sally and James are wearing team jackets and Naomi is wearing the womens OTW.

You can find more details about the clothing using the links below.  The suits are $135 in September (usually $150), the team jackets are $100, the OTW jackets are $160, and the hats are $25.  Hoodies are $90 or $95, minus 10% in September.  Add $5 for 2XL, $7 for 3XL and $10 for 4XL.  Hats are all one size.

Womens suit 

Mens suit

Team jacket (unisex) 

Womens OTW jacket

Mens OTW jacket

Tassel hat


Borah guarantee their size charts - if the new garment turns out to be the wrong size, they will replace it for you.  

Info on how to order is here  

We would like to place the order by 19 September, so please make sure that Rick has your order form and check before then.