Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Finding snow in the spruce forests above the lodge as well as strips of wild caught powder along our snowfarm. Setting up mad max in hopes of more windblown powder. Keep an eye on the webcams and changing weather forecasts thru the weekend. Mostly, hope all get outside and enjoy fresh air and some exercise. Winter is just getting started! Happy for USA Jessie Diggins winning the toughest race in the world yesterday!
Chip Chase8:02 am 15 January 2021All reports for White Grass

Blue Knob

Another decent day of Skiing at the knob. Golf Course groomed both Saturday and Sunday. Still skiable in the wooded area. Happy to be skiing this many days. Maybe some snow later in the week!
Joyce Grow8:04 am 11 January 2021All reports for Blue Knob

North Woods

Not much new snow the first week of the New Year but weather conditions thru the week were good in regards to preserving the snow remaining following the rain and warm temperatures of the New Year weekend. Snow coverage on the NW trails is generally surprisingly good aside from primary rain drainage areas and boot traffic. Most wet areas are frozen over and fallen trees and branches from the New Year's ice storm were cleared from all major trails thru the week. While generally skiable, the snow is getting a bit old and crusty - but, nevertheless skiable and certainly good for snowshoeing which might actually benefit in helping to level out the crusty worn tracks. Overall worth getting out I'd say...
Frank Delose8:18 am 9 January 2021All reports for North Woods

Crystal Lake Ski Center

We will be closed until we get more snow. Our trails have melted a bit and will likely continue to with warmer weather in the forecast, and grooming right now would do more harm than good. We look forward to opening again as soon as we're able, and will post updates as we have them!
Logan Landry1:55 pm 8 January 2021All reports for Crystal Lake Ski Center

Laurel Mountain

Reports from skiers is that the trails are not skiable with a thin hard packed base, bare areas, and lots of debris from tree limbs and a few trees down. Any help cleaning up the debris is appreciated. Have you been doing that snow dance?
Bruce Cox8:47 am 8 January 2021All reports for Laurel Mountain

Laurel Ridge

Wooohooo ! We received 4” of fresh snow and it’s still snowing! Our solid base remained intact (depth varies 1-3”). And we have track set again! OPEN 9-5pm
Erica Smith9:14 am 31 December 2020All reports for Laurel Ridge

Oil Creek State Park

All trails are packed. No track set. There are a few wet spots which should freeze up overnight.  The light snow on top should make for nice skiing and the scenery is beautiful with the snow on the trees. Sunday will be a good day to enjoy the ski trails at Oil Creek.
Margaret Sims7:51 pm 26 December 2020All reports for Oil Creek State Park