Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Rime ice coats our magic crystal palace world lately. Scenic is a light way to describe it! 50km open, 1200 acres, 1200 vertical, 10 shelters, gourmet café, telemark glades, and Pittsburgh's never take for granted WYEP usually rockin' inside the lodge.
Chip Chase9:06 am 16 January 2019All reports for White Grass

Kooser State Park

Kooser has approximately 6 inches of snow. The trails are not groomed but have been used by many visitors over the weekend.
Nate Hardic1:54 pm 14 January 2019All reports for Kooser State Park

Laurel Ridge

OPEN TODAY 9-5PM. We have a 6-7" base and we received 2" yesterday. Trails are groomed for skating and track has been set on most of red, blue and greens. We will work on orange today to repair damage from snowmobilers(fine for classic, prob not so great for skating)
Erica Smith8:18 am 14 January 2019All reports for Laurel Ridge

North Woods

A few more inches of powder overnight and flurries remaining off and on thru today.... still a rock here and there and not cold for long enough to freeze up the wet ground underneath but, tutto sommato, not too darn bad a day to be out in the North Woods.
Frank Delose2:12 pm 13 January 2019All reports for North Woods

Laurel Mountain

Webcam shows about 3 inches new snow overnight which should make for some great skiing. Patrol will be at the warming hut with snacks, hot drinks, and friendly faces. Let them know you appreciate their dedication to making our recreation safer. Keep doing that snow dance.
Bruce Cox7:47 am 13 January 2019All reports for Laurel Mountain

Wilderness Lodge

Photo from Friday Jan 11th. Open this weekend!
admin5:32 am 12 January 2019All reports for Wilderness Lodge

Oil Creek State Park

We are patiently waiting for our season to begin. It is snowing but has only accumulated about 3". We need around 8 good inches to groom and set track for our Classical skiing trails. Stay tuned. We let you know when we are up and running.
Margaret Sims11:08 am 10 January 2019All reports for Oil Creek State Park

Crystal Lake Ski Center

Unfortunately we had a bunch of rain here recently that has wiped out all of the snow. Still open for hiking, though!
Becca DeNicholas3:23 pm 14 December 2018All reports for Crystal Lake Ski Center