Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Go go go on skis...rain forecasted to snow and we should survive the thaw...Mtn State Marathon Race this Sunday at 11 am. 7" on the mountain powder over base yet 40 at reporting time!
Chip Chase9:40 am 23 January 2019All reports for White Grass

Oil Creek State Park

We are experiencing freezing rain this morning. We'll have to wait to see what transpirers throughout the day and tomorrow. there is snow in the forecast for later this week. (let's hope its a lot) We'll keep you posted.
Margaret Sims8:44 am 23 January 2019All reports for Oil Creek State Park

Crystal Lake Ski Center

Due to the serious weather we are going to get today, Crystal Lake will be closed. Tomorrow we are expecting a fresh dusting to hopefully add a fluffy layer on top of the icy conditions the sub-freezing temperatures have created. Thank you all for your understanding, and hopefully we'll see you on Thursday.
Becca DeNicholas6:56 am 23 January 2019All reports for Crystal Lake Ski Center

Laurel Mountain

Upper trails are groomed and tracked and in good shape. Backcountry skier tracked trails have good coverage but a bit crusty in spots. There are lots of sticks on the trails and everyone would appreciate if everybody chipped in to clear them. Hopefully the warming trend won't hurt what we have going. Snow is in the forecast later this week and weekend. Keep doing that ______ dance. Woot!
Bruce Cox5:44 pm 22 January 2019All reports for Laurel Mountain

Wilderness Lodge

Happy to post...The latest storm delivered over a foot of fresh snow over the weekend. Now we can do some of our best work leveling, setting track and wide skate lanes. Our beautiful woods are waiting for you. The Lodge is open Thursday-Sunday. Plan on a torch ski at dusk Friday night.
Roger Janes8:56 am 22 January 2019All reports for Wilderness Lodge

Laurel Ridge

OPEN TODAY 9-5PM Good morning! We have a 6-8" base and received an unexpected 2" last night! Orange, red, blue & greens are open! XC Skiing is a fantastic way to stay warm whiling enjoying the outside in cold temps! We have hot soups and beverages!
Erica Smith7:44 am 21 January 2019All reports for Laurel Ridge

North Woods

Unfortunately, the weather conditions were on the fringe last evening resulting in a mix of sleet and freezing rain which didn't change to snow until early morning hours resulting in a heavy crusty layer, downed tress and poser outages - it's finally like winter in the mountains. But, it's OK - snow on and off since then has accumulated another few inches of dryer snow over the crusty layer left by conditions last evening and it's about as good as it gets here in Western PA. Expect the possibility of trees down and be aware of your surroundings and the risk of further heavy limbs coming down. Winds have picked up too along with dropping temps so expect somewhat blustery conditions compared to the balmy conditions yesterday. Have fun out there while it lasts.
Frank Delose1:10 pm 20 January 2019All reports for North Woods

Kooser State Park

Kooser has approximately 6 inches of snow. The trails are not groomed but have been used by many visitors over the weekend.
Nate Hardic1:54 pm 14 January 2019All reports for Kooser State Park