Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

Laurel Mountain

The mountain laurel is in full bloom. Get the to the mountains! Woot!
Bruce Cox6:55 pm 26 June 2021All reports for Laurel Mountain

White Grass

Good night winter and White Grass as we are closing Sunday afternoon. One foot of snow in our not so secret places yet most skiers have moved on. Skiable day #105 today with only 110" snow and we expect more of the white stuff before long. May or may not reopen depending...Enjoy the off season and back here same bat time same bat channel in November. Buddy Bill Berlin last eve in the National Nordic sending us out in style!
Chip Chase8:52 am 12 March 2021All reports for White Grass

Blue Knob

Golf Course groomed this morning. Granular Surface, decent spring skiing.
Joyce Grow11:47 am 6 March 2021All reports for Blue Knob

Ghost Town Trail

Still plenty of snow even after the rain. It’s not freshly groomed but is in decent shape from grooming on Friday
Dan Beyer10:19 am 1 March 2021All reports for Ghost Town Trail

North Woods

Even though we lost a tremendous amount of snow the past few days, there's still abundant snow remaining on the trails. Thawing during the day and re-freezing overnight has resulted in a crusty surface which would be challenging in regards to skiing but fine for snowshoes. Today brings moderate temperatures in the 30s and lots of sunshine. If you can find time, today should be a great day to enjoy the conditions before the rains arrive this weekend. We've enjoyed some of the best winter conditions in years - looks like we will transition to the rollercoaster up and down conditions typical for us in Southwestern PA ... but who knows!
Frank Delose7:06 am 26 February 2021All reports for North Woods

Oil Creek State Park

Those of us who braved the drizzle yesterday found nice conditions at Oil Creek. Firm tracks with snow on top and control on downhills. Expect similar conditions today after a bit more snow this morning. We never know when this may be the last day so don't miss it!
Margaret Sims9:10 am 23 February 2021All reports for Oil Creek State Park

Crystal Lake Ski Center

Conditions were great yesterday and should remain so today. We have touched up with grooming some of our trails early this morning. The forecasted high temperature for today is just above freezing, so there’s a chance trails might get a little sticky this afternoon but should be good overall.
Logan Landry5:30 am 21 February 2021All reports for Crystal Lake Ski Center

Laurel Ridge

12-16” base with 3-4” of fresh powder. 17 degrees. Front side is clear of debris and hood for skating and track. Orange trail is classic only today.
Erica Smith10:09 am 20 February 2021All reports for Laurel Ridge