Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Some snow some not snow take your pick....grooming the snowfarm still deep enough and complete in its 5 km loop. Snowing at reporting time and starting to coat the icy remains. Can ski to Baldy and back with caution and may want to snowshoe if not an expert! Cold and light snow should continue for the next few days. 20 km open 30 closed, skiable day #9. Celebrate winter!
Chip Chase10:34 am 5 December 2020All reports for White Grass

Laurel Ridge

The photo was taken this afternoon. Light mist. No major bare spots.
Naomi Jarvis4:50 pm 4 December 2020All reports for Laurel Ridge

Laurel Mountain

5-6" over wet/icy base. Bare spots easy to ski around. Base held up today and 90% coverage. Not deep enough to groom. Good early December ski. Woot!
Bruce Cox1:37 pm 3 December 2020All reports for Laurel Mountain