Snow conditions history for Oil Creek State Park

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

4 March 2019

The snow is everywhere but here. We received 3" over 0" base so we do not have enough snow to pack or groom. Skiing may be possible with old "rock" skis and caution for downed trees.
Margaret Sims8:27 am 4 March 2019

15 February 2019

Very sorry to say there is no skiing at oil Creek at this present time. The rain and warm temperatures wiped us out. We will post when and if the status changes.
Margaret Sims6:53 pm 15 February 2019

4 February 2019

Melting is happening with sun and warm temps. You may be able to squeeze in a spring type ski today but there will be bare areas. Areas in the shade would be best bet. Continued warm temps this week will put us out of commision. We'll let you know when we are back up and running. THINK SNOW!
Margaret Sims8:28 am 4 February 2019

2 February 2019

Skiing was really nice at Oil Creek today and we had a fun crowd. The tracks are holding up well. We'll have another good day of skiing tomorrow but recommend skiing earlier rather than later. come out and enjoy the balmy weather and ski while you can!
Margaret Sims6:36 pm 2 February 2019

31 January 2019

Today at Oil Creek: Crisp air, blue skies, sparkling snow and good tracks. What more could a XC skier ask for? Conditions are holding up well. There is some light snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Temperatures will be pleasant. Looks like a couple promising days ahead. Hope to see you while there's still good skiing.
Margaret Sims7:07 pm 31 January 2019

29 January 2019

The trails were nicely groomed Sunday and the skiing was very good Monday with just a few thin spots. We got a dusting of snow overnight with flurries in the forecast. Conditions should hold well through Saturday. Don't let the cold scare you. It is warm when you are skiing in the woods. Just dress appropriately. Please use the honor box for your trail fee during the week. Thanks!
Margaret Sims8:13 am 29 January 2019

27 January 2019

Yay! We got another 4" of snow overnight which will certainly help with the thin and icy spots. John will be out grooming and setting track again today. The skiing should be great! Don't miss it!
Margaret Sims7:43 am 27 January 2019

26 January 2019

In spite of the rain mid-week, the skiing was pretty darn good.John did an excellent job grooming. There are a few thin and icy spots but the wet spots are freezing up. Definitely a fun day today. With the flurries we are getting, tomorrow should prove to be another great day. Hope to see all you ski enthusiasts out there!
Margaret Sims6:17 pm 26 January 2019

26 January 2019

Conditions improving from fair to good with a bit more snow. John is grooming this morning and is able to set track. There are some thin areas and some "skiaroundable" wet spots. Use extreme caution on steep downhills. Come on out! We'll be watching for you.
Margaret Sims8:28 am 26 January 2019

25 January 2019

Conditions are fair. There are still tracks and a 4" base with 2" of fresh powder on top. There are a few wet spots but you can easily ski around. Be cautious on the downhills which are a bit icy. Best conditions on top (blue trail and white connectors). John may possibly groom tomorrow to clean things up depending on the weather and forecast.
Margaret Sims12:41 pm 25 January 2019

24 January 2019

The ground is still snow covered though we had a bunch of rain yesterday and last night. We got a dusting of snow so far today. The snow is very slushy and there is probably wet spots on the trails. Additional snow is in the forecast for today and tomorrow with colder temperatures which we hope will dry things out. We will have to wait and see what old man winter decides and go from there.
Margaret Sims12:23 pm 24 January 2019

23 January 2019

We are experiencing freezing rain this morning. We'll have to wait to see what transpirers throughout the day and tomorrow. there is snow in the forecast for later this week. (let's hope its a lot) We'll keep you posted.
Margaret Sims8:44 am 23 January 2019

20 January 2019

There is great coverage and all the trails are groomed and track set. MLK Day should be superb! We are at the ski hut ticket booth on weekends and holidays (tomorrow) from 9-5 to sell ski trail passes. A day pass is $5 and season passes are $40. During the week you can use the Honor Pay Box at the ski area or go to the park office. We appreciate skiers filling out the envelopes so we know who paid and we also use the demographics in our yearly report. Thank you to all our new and faithful supporters. Happy Trails!
Margaret Sims8:22 pm 20 January 2019

20 January 2019

There is 10-11" of really nice snow at Oil Creek this morning. John is grooming and setting track this morning starting with the green and blue trails. There are several trees down so grooming will take awhile. Be cautious and watch out for him if you come this morning. The parking lot is being plowed this morning as well. Looking forward to seeing all our snow friends this MLK weekend! Happy Trails and safe driving!
Margaret Sims9:04 am 20 January 2019

18 January 2019

Hope your skis are waxed and ready because it looks like we are finally going to get some real snow between now and Sunday. If we get the predicted 12", John plans on grooming the trails Sunday morning. Hopefully we will be in good shape for the MLK holiday. Stay tuned for updates! See you all soon!
Margaret Sims8:30 am 18 January 2019

10 January 2019

We are patiently waiting for our season to begin. It is snowing but has only accumulated about 3". We need around 8 good inches to groom and set track for our Classical skiing trails. Stay tuned. We let you know when we are up and running.
Margaret Sims11:08 am 10 January 2019