Snow conditions history for North Woods

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

9 January 2021

Not much new snow the first week of the New Year but weather conditions thru the week were good in regards to preserving the snow remaining following the rain and warm temperatures of the New Year weekend. Snow coverage on the NW trails is generally surprisingly good aside from primary rain drainage areas and boot traffic. Most wet areas are frozen over and fallen trees and branches from the New Year's ice storm were cleared from all major trails thru the week. While generally skiable, the snow is getting a bit old and crusty - but, nevertheless skiable and certainly good for snowshoeing which might actually benefit in helping to level out the crusty worn tracks. Overall worth getting out I'd say...
Frank Delose8:18 am 9 January 2021

31 December 2020

Nice surprise this 7th day after Christmas and last day of 2020! The rains held off and cloudy skies yesterday preserved the base on the NW trails. Accumulation of 2-3” so far and still snowing this morning. Calm with mild temp’s - should be a nice day to get out if you can find time this last day of the year!
Frank Delose8:50 am 31 December 2020

26 December 2020

A decent base remained in the North Woods following the rain Christmas Eve day and plummeting temperatures made way for fresh snow Christmas Eve evening. Snow continued thru Christmas Eve and Christmas Day resulting in an accumulation of 4-6 inches of dry powder and light snow continues early this morning. Conditions remain cold and breezy today but with temperatures a little warmer than yesterday ... should be a nice day in the North Woods today with the moon nearly full (about 90%) this evening.
Frank Delose7:20 am 26 December 2020

20 December 2020

Conditions continue to be excellent at Northwoods. As usual there are a few impact areas from hikers, dog prints, and slight wetting out in usual trouble areas. There is a slight thaw happening now, but get out and enjoy! Snow remains in the forecast!
Stacey Magda10:42 am 20 December 2020

18 December 2020

Perfect conditions. A solid 6" base on the tracks with 12"-16" (higher in drift areas) and continued to snow into last evening. Track is stomped in by hardy skiers in the lower areas of Shaffer Run, top to bottom lot, Warming Hut, and out towards Mountain View. The snow outside of the track is very deep and soft, please be mindful that it may be the best conditions to bring a furry friend. Tunnel Road is plowed, please remember that we share this road with snowmobilers. As of 11:00pm 12/17 the bottom lot is not plowed and is deep snow, be prepared to get stuck in a lower clearance car. Please do pack out snacks and garbage as best you can from the warming hut. Happy Northwoods-ing!
Stacey Magda10:23 am 18 December 2020