Snow conditions history for North Woods

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

29 February 2020

Temperatures dropped into the teens overnight and significantly firmed up wet base conditions and restored the snow to dry, powdery consistency with a fresh dusting in early morning hours. Present flurries should continue off and on thru the day and temperatures aren't expected to rise above the mid-20's. Should be decent conditions on most trails to get out and enjoy this bonus day of the year - the scenery is beautiful - some trails may be better for snowshoeing but if you're out hiking please remember to be considerate and save the best tracks for the skiers...
Frank Delose9:09 am 29 February 2020

28 February 2020

Rain mid-week transitioned to snow Wednesday evening with accumulation eventually reaching about 7 inches more or less, depending on drifting, by Friday morning along with "winter wonderland" snow covered trees. Snow was nice and dry but base was very soggy due to heavy rainfall before transition to snow and snow was getting a bit sticky by mid-day Friday due to bright sunny skies ... however temperatures fell quickly late afternoon and snow conditions firmed up again by. evening. I'd expect the better drained, grassy trails like the upper loop of North Woods trail to be OK tomorrow ... conditions may even improve a bit tomorrow with a high in the mid-20's forecast for Saturday with possible snow showers.
Frank Delose10:13 pm 28 February 2020

15 February 2020

Cold temps the past few evenings have firmed things up and trails are frozen except in the wettest areas and covered with an inch or so of dry powder - nice conditions for more snow but nothing significant in the forecast. Nevertheless a bright sunny day ahead with temps rising into the mid-30's so still a nice day to get out for a winter hike.
Frank Delose8:47 am 15 February 2020

7 February 2020

Hello - North Woods received about 6 inches of nice dry snow today but that came about via a transition from wet, soggy conditions. Lower temperatures thru the night will help firm things up a bit but typical wet areas will remain beneath the snow cover - also expect some drifting and the accompanying thin areas. For the greater part though, snow cover should be enough for the grassier trails with good drainage. Continued flurries through the night will help and a little more snow is forecast for tomorrow. All in all probably the best weekend conditions so far this year but tomorrow is the day to get out - looks like another warming cycle arriving for the start of the week.....
Frank Delose9:17 pm 7 February 2020

2 February 2020

Hello - You should find good conditions in the North Woods today ... especially the grassier trails. Snow yesterday helped to cover up the aftermath of the flash thaw on Friday and continued snow thru the evening and this morning left nice coverage and very beautiful scenery as well. You will likely still find wet spots snd rocks here and there but not a day to pass up considering typical Western PA conditions.... pretty comfortable temperatures too! Take care Frank
Frank Delose9:29 am 2 February 2020