Snow conditions history for North Woods

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

9 March 2019

Snow and cold temps throughout the week have helped to maintain good conditions in the North Woods but temps are rising quickly - get out early for best conditions today and hopefully the frozen base will hold up through the weekend for springlike skiing tomorrow.
Frank Delose7:48 am 9 March 2019

16 February 2019

Coverage on the trails is still adequate but is comprised of a hard icy crust not suitable for skiing - good as a base but we need a few inches of fresh snow. Otherwise, the weather is pretty nice and conditions would be OK for modern snowshoes - also OK for hiking with cleats such as Yak-Tracks or Micro-spikes but expect to break through the crust with regular shoes.....
Frank Delose9:26 am 16 February 2019

3 February 2019

Spring-like conditions today ... even with the rapid rise in temperatures yesterday, there's still plenty of coverage. Maybe not the best conditions for compacted tracks - may be a bit wet/icy - but, it's still a beautiful day to get out into the North Woods with sunny blue skies, warm temps and plenty of snow. As usual, dress in smart layers to be able to stay comfortable skiing in these remarkably warm conditions. Have fun!
Frank Delose9:36 am 3 February 2019

2 February 2019

Cold conditions thru the week with a few inches of snow helped to maintain the base. 6 to 8 inches of fresh accumulation yesterday along with milder temperatures today should make for great conditions to get out into the North Woods today to enjoy nature. Have fun!
Frank Delose7:28 am 2 February 2019

27 January 2019

A few more inches of snow accumulation thru the evening and morning freshened up the trails. Mostly cloudy with snow on and off thru the day -- possibly breezy at time but, otherwise, should be another nice day to get out and enjoy the North Woods trails.
Frank Delose7:27 am 27 January 2019

26 January 2019

A few inches of new snow late in the week freshened up the crusty base resulting from the mid-week thaw/freeze cycle. Mostly cloudy today with light snow continuing and milder temperatures with winds dying down. All-n-all nice conditions to get out in the North Woods today and enjoy nature.
Frank Delose10:12 am 26 January 2019

20 January 2019

Unfortunately, the weather conditions were on the fringe last evening resulting in a mix of sleet and freezing rain which didn't change to snow until early morning hours resulting in a heavy crusty layer, downed tress and poser outages - it's finally like winter in the mountains. But, it's OK - snow on and off since then has accumulated another few inches of dryer snow over the crusty layer left by conditions last evening and it's about as good as it gets here in Western PA. Expect the possibility of trees down and be aware of your surroundings and the risk of further heavy limbs coming down. Winds have picked up too along with dropping temps so expect somewhat blustery conditions compared to the balmy conditions yesterday. Have fun out there while it lasts.
Frank Delose1:10 pm 20 January 2019

19 January 2019

No additional accumulation overnight but, it's OK. Slight warming toward's the end of yesterdays snowfall resulted in a slightly wetter, higher density mix and colder overnight temperatures help to dry and firm things up a bit. A similar mix expected today with mostly cloudy conditions and mild temps. But this should provide a decent base for the colder temps and additional snowfall expected for tomorrow. Conditions should be nice today, especially in the earlier and later part of the day - get out and pack the snow today if you can and come back again tomorrow....
Frank Delose8:47 am 19 January 2019

18 January 2019

About 3 inches of fresh snow overnight and today with more forecast. Conditions were cool and cloudy thru the week so, we didn't lose much of the snow already on the ground from last weekend. Wet spots will likely still be soft beneath but the trails in the North Woods overall should be very nice this weekend - the best conditions this season - and, a light freezing rain coating the trees earlier this week remains for a beautiful woodscape.
Frank Delose1:26 pm 18 January 2019

13 January 2019

A few more inches of powder overnight and flurries remaining off and on thru today.... still a rock here and there and not cold for long enough to freeze up the wet ground underneath but, tutto sommato, not too darn bad a day to be out in the North Woods.
Frank Delose2:12 pm 13 January 2019

11 January 2019

4-6 inches of fresh powder yesterday with some light flurries continuing. Expect some rocks due to light density and some bare spots due to drifting but the winds have calmed down and conditions should be nice on the grassy trails in the North Woods. Should be a nice weekend to get out.
Frank Delose8:34 am 11 January 2019

7 December 2018

4+ inches of dry snow but still pretty wet underneath. Not enough to cover rocky trails but a good start and grass areas should be OK for rock skis. Remember it's hunting season - take care to be visible and put some fluorescent orange on yourself and your pets.
Frank Delose11:15 am 7 December 2018