Snow conditions history for North Woods

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

26 February 2021

Even though we lost a tremendous amount of snow the past few days, there's still abundant snow remaining on the trails. Thawing during the day and re-freezing overnight has resulted in a crusty surface which would be challenging in regards to skiing but fine for snowshoes. Today brings moderate temperatures in the 30s and lots of sunshine. If you can find time, today should be a great day to enjoy the conditions before the rains arrive this weekend. We've enjoyed some of the best winter conditions in years - looks like we will transition to the rollercoaster up and down conditions typical for us in Southwestern PA ... but who knows!
Frank Delose7:06 am 26 February 2021

21 February 2021

Now new snow overnight but trail conditions should remain fantastic today along with the beautiful winter scenery. Mostly sunny skies today will bring along milder temperatures which will reach up into the low 30's by late afternoon - have to say, even with the frigid temperatures yesterday, it was still enjoyable to be out yesterday ... today should be a great day to get out. Sunny skies will give way to clouds later in the day with snow possible again tomorrow. Hibernation is for the bears - hope you're able to find time to enjoy this winter in the outdoors!
Frank Delose7:18 am 21 February 2021

20 February 2021

Snow beginning late Friday evening accumulated to 3+ inches of fresh powder this morning. Temperatures dipped down into the single digits overnight and will remain chilly today - probably not climbing much past the mid-teens but at least winds are calm. Skiing on packed/previously tracked trails should be pretty good but the underlying crust from the ice storm earlier in the week will still make skiing in untracked areas challenging - maybe a good day to snowshoe and level out the tracks for tomorrow ... still some down limbs and branches to clean up on the trails too. Tomorrow looks like it will bring some sun and significantly warmer temperatures but today still seems like a good day to enjoy in the North Woods and surrounding Roaring Run/Kooser areas - layer up and enjoy the winter!
Frank Delose6:00 am 20 February 2021

18 February 2021

A few more inches of snow accumulated between Wednesday evening and this morning. Snow is expected to continue thru today and into the early hours of Friday resulting in an additional few inches of snow. Some of the energy from that sunshine we enjoyed yesterday was trapped by the mostly cloudy conditions later in the day resulting in much warmer temperatures starting our this morning compared to yesterday morning; however, what we have now is about what we'll have thru the day in so far as temperatures. Temperatures are forecast to remain in the low to mid-20s today, then climb into the higher 20s in the early hours of Friday before dropping back into the frigid teens for Saturday. All this should go well for improving the trail conditions in the North Woods and surrounding areas even if it will be cold for the weekend.
Frank Delose6:27 am 18 February 2021

17 February 2021

The ice storm of Monday evening left a cruddy crust on the trails and a lot of trees and limbs down by Tuesday morning. Temperatures fell as the day progressed and by evening, we had some snow which eventually accumulated to 1-2 inches of fluffy powder. This helped a little on the packed areas but the breakable crust is still a challenge in the untracked areas. A lot colder this morning with temperatures near single digits but some sunshine expected closer to noon and temperatures are expected to climb into the mid-20s. Skiing on the trails today may be challenging - best bet for today would be snowshoeing ... trails conditions are excellent for that aside from the possibility of having to clear away some downed trees and limbs.
Frank Delose6:45 am 17 February 2021

14 February 2021

No new accumulation overnight but there's plenty of snow on the trails of the North Woods and neighboring Roaring Run, Hidden Valley and Kooser trails for another day out skiing or snowshoeing today. Mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-20s again today but a little less breezy so far compared to yesterday. Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day.
Frank Delose6:56 am 14 February 2021

13 February 2021

Snow again last evening accumulated to about an inch to freshen up the tracks for this morning. Conditions are excellent in the North Woods and trails neighboring Roaring Run, and Kooser areas. Mostly cloudy today with flurries later in the afternoon and evening probably bringing another inch or so to refresh the trails. Winds are calm and temperatures look like they will hang right around the mid- to upper 20s. Expect about the same tomorrow. Altogether should be a great Valentines Day weekend to get out and ski or snowshoe.
Frank Delose6:42 am 13 February 2021

11 February 2021

Snow began late yesterday afternoon with accumulation eventually reaching 4-6 inches of fresh snow on the North Woods and surrounding area trails this morning - snow is fine grained and nice quality. Weather will be about the same today; mostly cloudy and hanging the low to mid-20s. Trail conditions should be excellent again aside from a little more work to break new tracks - but another day to make first tracks. Maybe a few more flurries this morning but not expected to amount to anything significant.
Frank Delose7:01 am 11 February 2021

10 February 2021

Accumulation yesterday eventually amounted to about 3 inches in the North Woods and surrounding areas but the snow was of a nice quality. Nothing significant overnight but there should be more snow arriving later this afternoon with accumulation forecast at 3 to 5 inches. Weather will remain cloudy today and next couple days with temperatures holding in the mid- to high 20s. It's been a wonderful winter so far - hope you're having time to enjoy it...
Frank Delose6:21 am 10 February 2021

9 February 2021

Only a dusting so far but more snow is forecast for today and the next few days as well. Trail conditions remain good in any case but some fresh snow should make them even better. Not as sunny as yesterday and temperatures remain cold, similar to those of recent past days, but, calm and really not so bad for February.
Frank Delose6:54 am 9 February 2021

7 February 2021

Expect about the same conditions today on trails in the North Woods and surrounding areas except with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures cold early and rising to mid-20s. Snowing now but accumulation isn't expected to amount to more than an inch or so - but, still should help freshen up tracks.
Frank Delose7:00 am 7 February 2021

6 February 2021

No significant new accumulation since mid-week but, plenty of snow cover and conditions on the North Woods trails and surrounding areas should be very good this weekend aside from traffic the past couple days - still the possibility to make some tracks along the more remote and less traveled trails. Cold and a breezy today but with some sunshine expected. Maybe some snow tomorrow?
Frank Delose5:57 am 6 February 2021

3 February 2021

February's arrived like a lion - another 6-7 inches of fresh powdery snow this morning. Winds are generally calm this morning but the forecast does indicate gusts around 25 mph which will feel chilly with the temperatures remaining in the 20's. Otherwise the conditions are great and should remain so thru the week and into the weekend.
Frank Delose9:14 am 3 February 2021

2 February 2021

January left us with some nice snowfall Sunday afternoon and overnight into Monday - although there was significant drifting, the fresh snow nevertheless resulted in a significant improvement in trail conditions. Since then, we received about 4 inches of snow thru the day yesterday and another 4 overnight into this morning - all this accumulation without any drifting. Temperatures are a bit colder today and, while no driving winds resulting in drifting, there are gusty conditions in exposed areas. All things such as drifts, crusty snow and ice considered, when keeping in mind that the North Woods and neighboring Roaring Run trails are in natural areas, I'd consider current conditions to be excellent for all sorts of outdoor winter pursuits by typical Western PA standards! By the way, Phil saw his shadow this morning - let's hope we continue to have these snowy winter conditions thru those 6 additional weeks of Winter 2021.
Frank Delose11:42 am 2 February 2021

31 January 2021

While it was a nice sunny day, temperatures never recovered as anticipated to allow consolidation of the surface snow with the base and icy tracks remained with crusty conditions in the periphery ... even the full moon was obscured by evening clouds. Flurries in the air but no accumulation yet this morning although a few inches is still forecast for this morning followed by the possibility of some sleet late afternoon and more snow this evening. Cloudy today with colder temperatures and gusty winds will be colder today adding to the lower felt temperatures. Skiing may remain on the challenging side today but trail conditions in the North Woods and neighboring Roaring Run areas are fine for snowshoes - some snowshoe traffic might help to loosen up the hard base conditions and integrate the snow.
Frank Delose6:48 am 31 January 2021

30 January 2021

No new accumulation overnight but trail conditions should be OK today. Milder temperatures near 30F and some sunshine should soften and help level out the tracks. We're already a month into incremental increasing of daylight (last light at 18:03 today) and it's a full moon weekend so, it might be an opportunity to enjoy a quiet evening on the trails. Temperatures should remain consistent thru the weekend with a chance for significant snow accumulating tonight and thru Sunday - potential for great conditions tomorrow.
Frank Delose6:36 am 30 January 2021

29 January 2021

Trail conditions don't show too much effect of Tuesday's temperature spike and freezing rain except that quickly falling temperatures, which dipped into the mid-teens yesterday, resulted in crusty conditions in untracked snow and hard surfaces in the tracked areas - this was alleviated somewhat by the snow received last night resulting in accumulation of about 2-3 inches this morning. The light, powdery snow was blown off in windswept areas but, overall, refreshed the trails. Temperatures should recover thru today and reach near 30 by Saturday - with a little more snow possible today and some sun tomorrow, it should be a nice weekend to spend in the North Woods.... more snow possible on Sunday too.
Frank Delose6:34 am 29 January 2021

27 January 2021

LH Ski Patrol reports that **Roaring Run** (across the road from North Woods) has a 1/4 inch thick breakable crust on top of the snow, so it's not very good for skiing but makes for great snowshoeing.
admin1:10 pm 27 January 2021

25 January 2021

The anticipated accumulation over the weekend never materialized; however, it began snowing Sunday evening resulting in 2-3 inches accumulating by this morning. Temperatures were significantly warmer early this morning and winds were calm. Tails are nice again today ... not certain what weather will arrive this evening but, if the forecast is accurate, temperatures may soar into the 50"s tomorrow then drop back to normal by Wednesday.
Frank Delose12:43 pm 25 January 2021

23 January 2021

Some flurries last evening but, didn't amount to any significant accumulation. Snowing again this morning - not sure what this will amount to - and it is colder today than it's been and breezy as well - be prepared for that but, otherwise, the NW trails should be very nice thru this weekend.
Frank Delose6:32 am 23 January 2021

18 January 2021

Best January conditions we've seen for years ... snow continued thru Sunday evening accumulating to an additional 3 inches by this morning on top of the light accumulation we received thru the day yesterday. Trails are fresh with powder for today and should continue to remain great for the next few days with favorable conditions and additional accumulation in the forecast.
Frank Delose8:32 am 18 January 2021

16 January 2021

With an additional 4+ inches of fresh powdery snow accumulating today, nice wintry scenery, weather conditions holding and further accumulation possible, only thing we might be missing is a full moon. Should be a great day to get out tomorrow.
Frank Delose9:52 pm 16 January 2021

16 January 2021

Snow base on the NW trails remained generally intact thru Friday even if beaten up a bit by the unseasonable temperatures and sunny skies thru the week and various sorts of traffic - the photo taken Friday morning at the top of North Woods trail near the Galecrest estate border is representative of the majority of the trail although the section starting up from the lower Tunnel Rd. parking lot heading up to the meadow elevation was essentially bare in areas where rain runoff and southwest facing slopes had destroyed the base. By mid-afternoon, with temperatures still on the fringes, the first significant snow of 2021 arrived as a wet wintry mix but transitions to snow eventually accumulating to 2-3" by evening. Dropping temperatures thru the night have improved the texture and decent conditions should be found on most grassier trails such as upper North Woods Trail and most of Mountain View except for the drainage area down near where Mt. View intersects with the connector trail coming in from Shafer Run Rd. Weather conditions should remain favorable thru the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend with colder temperatures, cloudy skies and possibly 1-2 more inches of snow.
Frank Delose6:48 am 16 January 2021

9 January 2021

Not much new snow the first week of the New Year but weather conditions thru the week were good in regards to preserving the snow remaining following the rain and warm temperatures of the New Year weekend. Snow coverage on the NW trails is generally surprisingly good aside from primary rain drainage areas and boot traffic. Most wet areas are frozen over and fallen trees and branches from the New Year's ice storm were cleared from all major trails thru the week. While generally skiable, the snow is getting a bit old and crusty - but, nevertheless skiable and certainly good for snowshoeing which might actually benefit in helping to level out the crusty worn tracks. Overall worth getting out I'd say...
Frank Delose8:18 am 9 January 2021

31 December 2020

Nice surprise this 7th day after Christmas and last day of 2020! The rains held off and cloudy skies yesterday preserved the base on the NW trails. Accumulation of 2-3” so far and still snowing this morning. Calm with mild temp’s - should be a nice day to get out if you can find time this last day of the year!
Frank Delose8:50 am 31 December 2020

26 December 2020

A decent base remained in the North Woods following the rain Christmas Eve day and plummeting temperatures made way for fresh snow Christmas Eve evening. Snow continued thru Christmas Eve and Christmas Day resulting in an accumulation of 4-6 inches of dry powder and light snow continues early this morning. Conditions remain cold and breezy today but with temperatures a little warmer than yesterday ... should be a nice day in the North Woods today with the moon nearly full (about 90%) this evening.
Frank Delose7:20 am 26 December 2020

20 December 2020

Conditions continue to be excellent at Northwoods. As usual there are a few impact areas from hikers, dog prints, and slight wetting out in usual trouble areas. There is a slight thaw happening now, but get out and enjoy! Snow remains in the forecast!
Stacey Magda10:42 am 20 December 2020

18 December 2020

Perfect conditions. A solid 6" base on the tracks with 12"-16" (higher in drift areas) and continued to snow into last evening. Track is stomped in by hardy skiers in the lower areas of Shaffer Run, top to bottom lot, Warming Hut, and out towards Mountain View. The snow outside of the track is very deep and soft, please be mindful that it may be the best conditions to bring a furry friend. Tunnel Road is plowed, please remember that we share this road with snowmobilers. As of 11:00pm 12/17 the bottom lot is not plowed and is deep snow, be prepared to get stuck in a lower clearance car. Please do pack out snacks and garbage as best you can from the warming hut. Happy Northwoods-ing!
Stacey Magda10:23 am 18 December 2020