Snow conditions history for Crystal Lake

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

21 February 2021

Conditions were great yesterday and should remain so today. We have touched up with grooming some of our trails early this morning. The forecasted high temperature for today is just above freezing, so there’s a chance trails might get a little sticky this afternoon but should be good overall.
Logan Landry5:30 am 21 February 2021

20 February 2021

We will be open today from 9:00am - 4:30pm! Our trail conditions are panning out better than expected this weekend. Our groomer didn't experience any icy spots on the trails while grooming yesterday, and the trails have set nicely overnight. All main trails are groomed.
Logan Landry5:35 am 20 February 2021

19 February 2021

We will be open through the weekend starting today with un-groomed trails for skiing and snowshoeing! We only have around 3 inches of fresh snow, which isn't enough to adequately groom on top of the frozen layer that remains from the ice storm. Because the trails won't be groomed, all trails will also be open for snowshoeing until we're able to groom again. Please be aware that many of our trails will still have branches and debris down from the storm. Our road is also very slick and will not be cindered.
Logan Landry5:32 am 19 February 2021

13 February 2021

We are open today from 9:00am - 4:30pm! We have a good handful of trails groomed, but no tracks are set anywhere. Conditions should be great today, as the temperature will stay below freezing and the snow has hardened throughout the week.
Logan Landry5:40 am 13 February 2021

8 February 2021

We will be open for skiing today. The trails will not be re-groomed. Skiers yesterday said snow was pretty sticky due to the snowfall. Due to the freeze overnight last night, trails might be icy this morning. The Township did plow and cinder the road, so it should be safe for guests to drive up.
Logan Landry8:07 am 8 February 2021

7 February 2021

We will be open again today from 9:00am – 4:30pm. In sunny spots yesterday, the trails got a little slushy yesterday, but the trails crisped up overnight. We have snow flurries forecast throughout the day today, and we expect trail conditions to be good with a high of 35.
Logan Landry5:27 am 7 February 2021

5 February 2021

We got another “1-“1.5 of snow overnight. The wind is strong so there’s a lot of drift as well. We will work on re-grooming the fresh snow throughout the morning, but we will still open at 9:00! Our forecast is calling for a high of 38 degrees and sunny today, so conditions will likely get slushy and sticky like they did yesterday. Another note is that it is very foggy, so the mountain road will probably have low visibility. All our open trails are currently groomed for skate and classic skiing, and most have tracks set.
Logan Landry9:55 am 5 February 2021

3 February 2021

We will be open again tomorrow from 9:00am - 4:30pm for skiing and snowshoeing! Trail conditions are excellent. One extremely experienced skier today gave the trails a 10/10. The groomed trails are: Lake Trail, Hidden Pond, Backway, Blueberry, Kettle, Wild Rice, Boardpile, Oak Loop, and Big Fern, Blue Moon, Pitchpine, Laurel. Most of these trails are also tracked.
Logan Landry5:06 pm 3 February 2021

3 February 2021

We're open for skiing and snowshoeing today until 4:30pm! Our groomer is currently re-grooming from the couple of inches we got overnight, so the trails aren’t all in the best shape yet, but skiers are welcome to come up! Most of the trails should be re-groomed by 2:00pm today, but tracks probably will not be set. In general the snow conditions on the groomed trails are good, though it’s a little sticky so gliding isn’t the best it could be.
Logan Landry12:15 pm 3 February 2021

2 February 2021

We will be open for skiing and snowshoeing from 1:00-4:30pm today! Our groomer is continuing to re-groom from the snow we got overnight, so not all the snow is packed down yet but it is still skiable. Overall the snow conditions are good for skiing, with the exception of an icy bottom layer, though that has mostly been covered by the fresh snow. The township plowed the mountain road as of 7:00am, but more snow has accumulated since then so please be cautious coming up the mountain.
Logan Landry10:23 am 2 February 2021

8 January 2021

We will be closed until we get more snow. Our trails have melted a bit and will likely continue to with warmer weather in the forecast, and grooming right now would do more harm than good. We look forward to opening again as soon as we're able, and will post updates as we have them!
Logan Landry1:55 pm 8 January 2021

7 January 2021

We'll be open again tomorrow, Friday January 8 from 9:00am - 3:00 pm, for skiing and snowshoeing. And we'll be charging HALF DAY RATES for the day! We will be CLOSED after tomorrow until we get more snow, as the trails have been slowly melting and we want to preserve what we have. There is still coverage on most of the trails with patchiness and iciness in some areas. The following trails are groomed for classic skiing with tracks: Lake Trail, Hidden Pond, Backway, Big Fern, Laurel, Pitchpine. Blue Moon, Sassafras, Super Loop, and Wazoo are groomed but don't have tracks set. All of our typical snowshoe trails will be open: Lake Trail, Catfish, Birchview, Lake Ridge, Woodland, Whipple Mill.
Logan Landry2:48 pm 7 January 2021

7 January 2021

We have a couple inches of crunchy snow on our trails currently. Some areas are patchy from the washout we got a couple weeks ago with ice and water underneath the snow in some spots. There are also sticks down from the ice storm we recently had. The conditions are suitable for classic skiing, but not skate skiing. Our groomer groomed and set tracks on a handful of trails: Boardpile, Lake Trail, Hidden Pond, Backway, Big Fern, Laurel, and Pitchpine.
Logan Landry8:58 am 7 January 2021