Charlie's Forecasts for Laurel Ridge

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PACCSA member Charlie Becker does weather forecasting as a hobby and will share some of his predictions with us throughout the winter season. If severe weather is anticipated, please refer to your local weather and/or the National Weather Service for any advisories that may have been issued.

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Wed 21 Nov 2012

It’s time to get this train rolling.  On that note, a cold front arrives Friday bringing a chance for light snow on The Ridge from Friday night through Sunday am.  This system is a fast mover so we are looking at a 3 or 4 inch potential at best (note: this is a lake-effect system 2 days out so look for an update on expected totals). What comes next; however, makes for a much more interesting topic and could signal the beginning of a return to winter on The Ridge.  The storm is 7 days out, at this point, so don’t beat the drumsticks just yet but, by the looks of it, this storm will be no turkey.  The models at this point place the boundary more or less right over The Ridge which brings precipitation type into question.  All we know now is that a significant storm is coming but whether there will be gravy on the mashed potatoes is anyone’s guess at this point.  So for now, we are left with a chance for some classic skiing this weekend and the potential for an early base-builder of a storm come mid-week.
Happy Thanksgiving and see you on The Ridge,