Charlie's Forecasts for Laurel Ridge

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PACCSA member Charlie Becker does weather forecasting as a hobby and will share some of his predictions with us throughout the winter season. If severe weather is anticipated, please refer to your local weather and/or the National Weather Service for any advisories that may have been issued.

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Fri 21 Dec 2012

12-21-12 @ 5:00pm


Greetings!  One down but might we be done?  Lest you be Scrooge the answer is no.  Usually we wait for the present system to pass but it is Christmas so, lest we be thrust into the naughty category, we must not sit on good news (or at least, the expectation of good news for now).  Just to wrap up the present(s) system and tie it in a bow, if you have a Christmas tree located anywhere on Laurel Mountain, Laurel Ridge, or places in between, dare you peer beneath it come Saturday night and should you not see 12+ inches of snow there, you may want to update your GPS as you have wandered to the Southern tip of the Appalachian Spine.  Now, lest we sound like a fruitcake (or maybe a fruit and nut cake), me thinks it will snow again - soon.  Nay, could it be the eggnog talking?  Me thinks not (but maybe the rum).  The next storm, though not significant, is no turkey.  A Christmas Eve storm brings the potential for an additional 2” to 4” by Christmas Day, whilst the next storm shall be of the coastal variety with the potential for 6” or more should the reindeer tracks prove favorable.  Thursday looks absolutely boring waiting for the next storm come Saturday which should have us caroling.  The last two systems are expected to follow the same reindeer tracks so if one then both if none then neither but what we got up, up and away to this point shall be no lump of coal.

So, wrapping it up, Bing Crosby style,


It won't be long before we'll all be there with snow”

I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow  

What is Christmas with no snow
No white Christmas with no snow

Merry Christmas and see you on The Rooftops,

Olde St. Nick