Charlie's Forecasts for Laurel Ridge

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PACCSA member Charlie Becker does weather forecasting as a hobby and will share some of his predictions with us throughout the winter season. If severe weather is anticipated, please refer to your local weather and/or the National Weather Service for any advisories that may have been issued.

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Tue 31 Dec 2013

11:45 am

The first storm of 2014 will take little time arriving as a coastal system joins forces with an inland low and drops snow on The Ridge late Wednesday through late Thursday.  Throw bitterly cold polar air into the mix and you have a New Year’s cocktail that will keep The Ridge feeling good right through Sunday until the second storm of 2014 arrives late Sunday into Monday.  Look for the following temperature swings:
Wed – high 20’s to low 30’s
Thu – ditto
Fri – 10 (maybe – might not get there)
Sat – high 20’s to low 30’s
Sun – ditto.
I’m sticking with the 8” total for now come Thurs night with another inch or two Friday due to lake effect backflow from the storm.

See you on The Ridge,

P.S. There are snow squalls on their way to The Ridge as we speak that could drop a quick 2' to 3' by tonight.