PACCSA rollerskiers

Jail trail

We have email and garmin connect groups for PACCSA rollerskiers, and a few of us meet in or near Pittsburgh most weeks. Let us know if you'd like to join us.

You might enjoy this beginner's guide from's Mark Vosburgh, the longer rollerskiing guide from AXCS, or this amazing agility training video from CXC.  And advice on braking.        Read more

Laurel Ridge Workday - Thank you!

Thanks to all the volunteers who attended the trail clear at Laurel Ridge last Sunday (Nov 14).  We worked together to move the 2 large heaps of cold and snowy logs into neat stacks inside the warming huts, and then dispersed into small groups to clear fallen limbs and trim back invasive vegetation from the trails.    

The webcams are back

Thanks to Bob Mazur and Jim South for getting the PACCSA webcams up and running again, and to those whose donations make this possible. If your browser is still showing the 'back next winter' pictures, look up 'clear cache and hard reload'.   

Random photo from the PA Nordic Challenge