Linn Run Ski #2

The second event of the Linn Run Rollerski Series took place on Sunday, September 17, in Rector (PA). We met at the bottom of Linn Run road at 8:45 am, but decided to postpone the start due to rainy conditions.  By 10:15 am we had two cars at the top, three skiers at the bottom and no more rain. After a quick warm up and few pictures, we were ready to begin.

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Linn Run Ski

On September 3, three PACCSA members decided to do the first of three time trials up Linn Run Road, Rector, PA. Located just east of Ligonier. Those three individuals were: Riccardo Monaco, Naomi Jarvis and Denny McDonough. The plan was to ski from Rector to the very top of the mountain, 7.03 miles or 11.32 km. Or, for Naomi, to ski from Adam Falls to the top, which was 5.17 miles or 8.3 km. The finish line was the end of the pavement, where the Summit Road intersects with Linn Run.

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PACCSA's 40th Anniversary

Birthday cake

PACCSA's 40th birthday was celebrated with lots of action and a big cake at the picnic at Laurel Hill State Park on August 13.  About 30 people attended and enjoyed hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, games and conversation. 

Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group Work Days

PACCSA rollerskiers

Pittsburgh rollerskiers are meeting at 6pm on Wednesday evenings.   Let us know if you'd like to join us, or join our email list.

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